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These are rules and directions on Private Messaging (PM). Read these carefully, so we may continue to enable PMing on your account.

The rules on Private Messaging is very simple. There are few rules about PMs, so read carefully.
- In your Private Message Inbox, Sentbox, Outbox, and Savebox, you are allowed to store sixty-five (65) PMs in each box. If you exceed the limit, you will have to clean out your box.
- You can Private Messasge other members in any language you wish. The only language where you are unable to speak in different languages is when you post in the Forum. Please only post in English.
- Last, but not least, Private Messaging will be disabled in your account if you abuse the rules and store over the maximum messages in each box. We feel that 65 messages in one box is plenty enough for members to keep.

Private Messaging is available only to members. Guests may not PM registered members. They must register to PM.
Thank you.

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