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This is where people from around the globe can register to my Forum. Read this information before you register because it may help you.

The Link
The link to the Gaming Talk Forum Board is HERE
The link to where you can directly register is HERE
First, you need to determine if you are exactly or over 13 years of age or under 13 years of age.
After proceeding, you should come to a screen that has various fields that should be filled out. Here are the required fields:
- Your desired User name
- Your E-mail Address
- Your Desired Password
- Confirm your desired password
There are other unrequired fields that you can fill out things like:
- ICQ Messenger Number
- AIM Screen Name
- MSN Messenger Address
- Yahoo! Messenger Screen Name
- Your Website
- Interest(s)
- Occupation
- Location
Then, there are other things that you can also fill out. You can adjust these things and all of the above things in your profile once you have registered. You can toggle things like:
- Signature (block of text attatched to posts and can be changed in profile)
- Board Style (there are many and you can choose any one that is listed)
There are many benefits that you register, so I recommend that you do!

If you have already decided to register, and you already have, then you can start posting! But, there is one thing that I ask: That all new members read the rules of the Forum. The rules are located at the Forum called "General Rules." If you violate any of these rules, it will be considered spamming. I hope that you will have an enjoyable time chatting and making new friends.

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