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These are directions on how to be a proper Moderator or Administrator.

For Moderators:
Okay, so you've been selected to be a Moderator, or Mod, for short. You have been selected to be a Moderator because you have been helpful to the site by finding repeat topics, notifiying me or any other staff member about spam, etc. Do not be so happy because you are now a mod... because if I catch you "joy-modding," then you will be demoted back to a regular member. Joy-modding is locking topics for fun, issuing Official Warnings to people who have been acting like angels, etc. So, if you have the rank of a Moderator, please act like it!
For Administrators:
So you've been selected to be an Administrator, or Admin for short. By receiving the Administrator rank, you have been a very excellent Moderator. As I mentioned above, "joy-modding" is not acceptable from a staff member. As if you access the Administration Panel, you must not change the configuration settings of the Forum. If you do, you will be pushed back to a regular member. If you wish to change the settings in the Administration Panel, you must contact me via PM before changing the settings. As like the rules of a Moderator, please act like an Administrator.
If you have been previously a staff member, and are now demoted back to a regular member (unless otherwise stated), you will be issued one (1) Official Warning.
Thank you for all your cooperation. 

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