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Here is a list of what different ranks of members can do, directions on how to change your user name, and directions on how to delete posts. These set of directions will come in handy one day!

If you registered, and would like to get your name changed, please visit this part of our site for more information.
Also, there is one important feature that I have disabled: deleting your posts. If you would like for a staff member to delete your post, just PM them about it or simply edit your post and say that you would like this post deleted, then a Moderator or Administrator will come and delete it. Here is a list of what guests can do.
- Nothing, except view posts
Here is a list of what Regular Users can do.
- Post New Threads/Topics
- Post replies
- Edit posts
- Vote in polls
- Create new polls
Here is a list of what Moderators can do.
- All of the above (except for nothing)
- Delete posts
- Make topics "Sticky"
- Make topics "Announcement"
- Edit/Delete any posts
- Delete Topics
- View users' IP Addresses
Here is a list of what Administrators can do.
- All of the above (except for nothing)
- Create and edit new Forums
- Delete members
- Edit User Names and all other profile information
- Make/Delete a User Group
- Ban/Un-ban Members, IP Addresses, and E-mail Addresses
- Edit/Add/Delete Smilies/Emoticons and Board Styles
- Change Banner
- Make a member Moderator or Administrator
- Disallow User Names

As you can see, there are a lot of things that the Administrators can do, like ban a member, IP address, and/or E-mail address. By doing these things, that member will never be able to register again. This is how you get banned. You get five (5) Official Warnings. Then, you will get banned or your account will be deleted.
- Official Warning #1: It's just a head's up
- Official Warning #2: You've been warned again... watch out
- Official Warning #3: Third time... so pay attention!!
- Official Warning #4: You're real close to getting banned!
- Official Warning #5: Last chance... one more warning and you're outta here!
- Official Warning #6: That's it... no more chances... You're BANNED!

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